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🎨 Exciting news! Meet our new tutors, Xinli Deng and Yi Xie, at their artist talk on December 3rd from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

🗣️ Join us as they share the art that inspires them and discuss what they're excited to bring to our community in 2024.

📅 Mark your calendar, and come learn about their creative journey & get inspired!

Click here to RSVP for free: https://shorturl.at/hsZ18
🎄✨ Get into the festive spirit with Mairangi Arts Center! 
Join us next Sunday 26th November for 2 magical Christmas workshops with tutor Chloe L, where kids can unleash their creativity with festive paintings. Plus, don't miss our Artists Talk on December 3rd 10AM-11:30AM, featuring our talented new tutors, Xinli Deng and Yi Xie who will be joining us in Term 1!

Limited spots available – book your tickets now at bookwhen.com/mairangiarts or screenshot this post and click the QR codes!

 Make this holiday special with Mairangi Arts Center! 🎟️🌟
🌟 Join us for an exhibition hosted by the talented ladies of the Embroidery North Shore!

They're going to be welcoming guests every day of their exhibition and they'll also be there to assist with entries for their raffle. So, feel free to pop in and enjoy their amazing exhibition, on display until November 18th. 

Don't miss out on this wonderful display of creativity! ✨🧵😊
🎉 Exciting news! Our January Holiday Programme is now available for a sneak peek, and it's filled with fun classes for your young artists.

From making your own comic to crafting crayons and creating soap, there's something for everyone's creative side.

Bookings open this weekend on November 12th at 2PM! 🌟🎨
Visit our website to preview!

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