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Terms & Conditions

If you are thinking of enrolling yourself or a child in a class at Mairangi Arts Centre, you'll need to understand and agree to our Terms & Conditions below. There are important information to guarantee your child's safety whilst with us, so please read carefully.

If you have any queries regarding these policies, please phone the office on 09 478 2237 or contact our team by email.


To confirm a booked place you must pay in full before the start of the course. A deposit of NZ$20 may be paid to secure your spot – the balance needs to be paid four (4) days before the class commences. Adult class costs contain tuition and GST only whereas children’s classes cover tuition, GST and materials.

Cancellation by us

If a course is cancelled by us, you will be notified no less than four (4) days before the course commencement date for term classes and two (2) days for holiday classes. You may choose to transfer the cost to an alternative course or receive a full refund. Bookings can only be processed for the current term and fees cannot be transferred to future terms.

Cancellation by you

For term classes no refunds will be given within four (4) days of commencement date unless there is a waiting list and a replacement enrolment can be secured. If you cancel a course more than four (4) days before commencement date you will be entitled to a full refund or transfer to another class. Bookings can only be processed for the current term and fees cannot be transferred to future terms.


If you are unable to attend a class due to illness or for personal reasons, you will not be entitled to a refund for classes missed or to transfer to another course to make up your missed class. 

Class Postponement

In the event of staff sickness we will endeavour to prevent class cancellation and to provide a substitute tutor. If we are unable to do this, the class may be postponed at very short notice and a replacement class re-scheduled. Should this situation arise we will make every effort to contact class participants as soon possible. 


We will make every effort to ensure that all courses proceed as advertised on the website or through related publicity material. However, all courses are subject to minimum enrolment numbers and we reserve the right to cancel any course where minimum numbers are not reached. We also reserve the right to make minor modifications to any course content as we see necessary, without prior warning and without compromising the overall quality of the course content and structure.

To ensure your child's safety please note:

 •            Please advise us if your child has any medical conditions or special learning needs so the tutor can be made aware of this. All such information will remain confidential.

•             You must escort your child from the car park into the class, sign in on the roll on arrival and also sign out when collecting your child. Please inform the tutor anytime someone else will be picking your child up for you. We are unable to accommodate parents in the classroom.

•             Management reserves the right to exclude from the programme any child who is constantly disruptive, does not adhere to the programme rules or poses a significant risk to the safety of themselves or others. In some situations the tutor may require parents to come immediately to remove their child from the programme. The centre strives to be fair and consistent.

•             In the event of an accident or emergency, staff will perform appropriate first aid and if necessary call an ambulance. Parents will be contacted immediately. Any urgent medical attention will be at the parents’ cost. Children will not be transported by private vehicles unless there is a serious emergency e.g. the need to evacuate due to tsunami, earthquake or when a child has not been picked up and needs to be transported to the police station

•             As the Centre has no child minding facilities, students must arrive for their class at the stated times, accompanied by an adult who will come with them to the classroom. Children who are repeatedly collected late once the class has finished may be excluded from the programme. A fee (at a rate of $10 per half-hour) will be charged if children are not collected on time. The centre will not be held responsible for the safety of children who arrive early at class and are left unattended by parents/caregivers. If no-one has arrived to collect a child at the end of class, the tutor will attempt to contact parents/caregivers and the alternative contact person using the emergency details supplied at time of enrolment.  After one hour if no-one has arrived to collect the child and the tutor has been unable to contact anyone after repeated attempts , then the tutor will transport the child to the nearest police station, North Shore Policing Centre, 52 Parkway Drive, Rosedale ph.477-5000, 7am-10pm and will transfer the child to their care.

•             If you have any comments or concerns about the programme, please speak to the tutor in the first instance.

•             Although all due care will be taken, the centre will not accept responsibility for lost or damaged possessions children bring along to class with them.

•             Each term is a new term. Your child is not automatically enrolled into the next term. You will need to re-enrol as promptly as possible. Please check our website regarding enrolment dates or phone the office on 09 478 2237.