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MAC Volunteers

The Mairangi Arts Centre has a great team of volunteers who are an integral part of the centre. Our volunteers contribute enormously by assisting with exhibitions, staffing the reception, participating in working bees, administration and so much more.

If you would like to enquire about becoming a MAC volunteer please either call us on ph. 478-2237 or send your contact details to us via email

With Many Thanks To Our Current Volunteers

  • Judy Blakey
  • Yoshiko Tregerthan
  • Julie Parbhu
  • Greer Mawdsley
  • Lorraine Sinclair
  • Lesley & Hugh Munro
  • Jo & Olivia Draper
  • Chris Berthelsen
  • Karen Turner
  • Karen Douglass
  • Ashleigh Visser
  • Ann & Ted Sherwen
  • Annette Dickison
  • Martin Adlington
  • Susannah MacDonald
  • Estel Slabbert
  • Trixi Schwartz