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What might happen if we tried to make a park together?

We'll be making a park/garden behind MAC over the next year (at least!) and we invite anyone interested to join in.

Let's make a gift to our neighbourhood and the future.

 > Donate "waste" materials from home or work that you think we could use
 > Let us know about your special skills or what you like to do (anything! cooking, building, fixing, climbing, etc...)
 > Join in free events and workshops with local and international artists

 > Come along and do stuff together and see what happens

 > Let us know if you have an idea you want to try out

We don't have any fixed ideas yet - we are opening up to any one, and all "types".

Eat, Make, Play!
Let's make, do, and make-do together!

(Some things we 've started doing are listed below...)

Please contact Chris Berthelsen / 0220 473 281

[Supported, in part, by a grant from Hibiscus and Bays Local Board]

A handmade shelter of donated fabric at MAC

Soft Public Furnitures

Let's experiment with ever-changing, always-mendable public furniture, made from stuff "around here".

Mairangi Kitchen

Let's connect MAC, the park, private and public spaces, and the wider community through the creative activity of food and foraging!

Local food creative Tracey Sunderland ( will be leading us on a wild and delicious adventure.

Public foraging walks, open and free workshops, paid cooking classes and feasts, collaborative experimentation, and the creation of a communal pantry stocked with ANYthing we make from stuff "around here".

Pasture Painting

We are making a Pasture Painting with For the Love of Bees, Northcross Intermediate School students, Rangitoto College students, and anyone else who wants to come along! The next workshop will be in July/August. Email Chris ( or keep an eye on our website/socials.

Weeds Restaurant

In our Weeds Restaurant we enjoy delicious treats made with all kinds of plants that are already living in our garden and in parks and other places all around us. 

Local delicious expert Tracey Sunderland ( will be playing along too.

We will soon have a schedule for the coming year. Email Chris ( or keep an eye on our website/socials.