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The Mairangi Arts Centre is a charitable trust which employs a small team dedicated to the day-to-day running of the Centre.

MAC's overarching governance is administered by a Trust Board. Board members serve on a three-year, voluntary basis and are responsible for achieving the centre’s long term vision and strategic objectives, and for ensuring that we continue to serve the needs of the local community. In June 2020, we were pleased to elect four new Trustees: Chris Cooper (Chairperson), Erin Burrell, Karen Gardiner and Shane Oerder. 

Back left to right: Karen Gardiner, Luka Grbavac, Shane Oerder, Katherine Boyd, Erin Burrell

Front left to right: Clint Taniguchi (General Manager), Chris Cooper (Chairperson), Chris Berthelsen (Deputy Chairperson), Jay Lee (Treasurer)

New Trustees' Profiles

Chris Cooper, Chairperson

Chris has been a Mairangi Bay resident for the past 22 years. He retired from a career in commerce and industry, as Head of Finance for the NZ operation of a multinational business. Retirement has allowed Chris to rekindle his interest in painting as he attends weekly classes at MAC. Chris states that he has a certain amount of spare time in retirement and see that as an opportunity to give something back to the Mairangi Bay Community.


Erin Burrell

Originally from Canada, Erin Burrell is a transplanted Kiwi having been in NZ since 2013. Erin runs a consulting company focussed on data driven decision making and has more than 20 years of experience working in the corporate sector. She is currently pursuing a PhD in HRM targeting Diversity & Inclusion at Massey University where she also lectures on the topic. Additionally, Erin holds a seat on the board of CIB Limited where the vision is to spread the stoke of sport around the globe.


Karen Gardiner

Karen Gardiner is a local resident, teacher and trustee of The Chartwell Trust, a privately managed charitable trust whose mission is to support and articulate the value and impact of the visual arts. She hopes to enable  a deeper engagement by the community in the processes of thinking, seeing, doing and being through art and creative visual thinking for all.


Shane Oerder

Shane is a communications and infrastructure specialist with over 30 years of industry experience building enterprise grade cloud solutions and is currently on the board of the New Zealand Employees credit union. Shane is married with three children and his personal interests include stone and bone carving, watercolour and acrylic painting, cycling, snow skiing, hiking and kayaking.





Management Staff

Board Members

  • Chris Cooper (Chair)
  • Chris Berthelsen (Deputy Chair)
  • Jay Lee (Treasurer)
  • Kathie Boyd (Secretary)
  • Erin Burrell
  • Karen Gardiner
  • Shane Oerder
  • Luka Grbavac