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Squiggla Making Space

Squiggla, Chartwell Charitable Trust's outreach programme, is opening a pop-up making space at MAC. 

Squiggla is a programme that exercises creative thinking through free flow mark making, and is all about visual exploration and creative discovery without the pressure to 'make art' or 'copy' something. There will be Squiggla mark making activities throughout the week at MAC followed by Meet the Team weekend workshops and special events. The fresh Squigglawork Wall at MAC is ready to be filled with your mark making creations. Squiggla is an accessible and judgement free way for adults to access and unlock lifelong creative possibilities and is also great for teachers, class groups and younger family members. 

Meet the Team Weekend Workshops:

Saturday 20 March, 12-1pm. Free

Sunday 21 March, 12-1pm. Free

Sunday 28 March, 12-1pm. Free

Special Squiggla Event with Badge-Making, Visual Projections, Food & Music

Saturday 27 March, 11am-2pm. Free


17 Mar to 28 Mar