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A Seat For Many | Jark Pane

Inspired by Korean architectural philosophies, A Seat for Many, reinterprets and integrates the traditional form of the Jeong-Ja structure and the Pyung-Sang furniture in the gardens of Mairangi Arts Centre. After multiple site visits and spending time in the garden, Jark Pane was convinced to design a place of destination. “I wanted the structure to fit in harmoniously with the already existing sculptures and provide a viewing spot for visitors of the gallery.”

The classic Jeong-Ja is a roofed pavilion style structure built into the natural landscapes of Korea. Its main function and purpose is to provide a sheltered, welcoming space for visitors to rest during scenic tours in the proximate area. The surrounding beauty always dictates the placement of the Jeong-Ja so that visitors may experience its prime from a comfortable place. Adorned using natural materials and tiles for the roof, the Jeong-Ja is often decorated in traditional colours, adding a vibrancy to the natural environment and making them easy to spot from afar.

The typical Pyung-Sang can be understood as being a multifunctional, community-enhancing piece of furniture. The size of the Pyung-Sang is dependent on its need, whether it is for community life or the needs of a family. The Pyung-Sang is used to prepare food, dine, nap, relax, converse and for the elderly in the community to play Korean Chess Go. Sometimes, the household sized Pyung-Sang has legs, and can be made to fold up for easy storage. The etiquette surrounding the structure is less formal than the Jeong-Ja.

The structure is built using treated pine logs that compliment the other wooden structures. They have been sanded back and painted cool lavender with touches of apricot & deeper purples to accentuate and contrast with the surrounding natives. A roof was deemed unnecessary as the work is shaded throughout the day, and because the sky should be looked at more often. A quiet view of the sea can also be enjoyed through the trees.

A Seat for Many marks the beginning of a series of spatial enhancing projects at Mairangi Arts Centre, and we could not be more thrilled to have Jark Pane inaugurate the summer series.


01 Mar to 30 Apr
Sculpture Garden