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Kaipara Kiwi Fundraiser

Save Kiwi Month is an annual fundraising campaign led by Kiwis For Kiwi, a national charity that supports community-led and Māori-led kiwi conservation projects each October.

This year, Mairangi Arts Centre collaborates with Kaipara Kiwi, a non-profit organisation committed to the preservation of the Kiwi species in the Kaipara region.

As part of this year’s fundraising campaign, ceramist Barry Hall created ceramic bisque Kiwi eggs, true in size and weight, to the actual egg.

These eggs were presented to artists to decorate or address as they wished. These completed eggs are on display at MAC throughout October and will be going to auction on Trademe from 20 – 31 October.

On Saturday, 31st October 4pm to 6pm, the Kaipara Kiwi team will be present with static displays, Kiwi footage and the auctions will be closing over the course of the event.
Wine and nibbles will be available while the excitement mounts.
Participating artists are:
Dan Arps, Dominique Baker, Oliver Cain, Ying Chiu, Toni Farmer, Weilun Ha, Belle Han, Jimmy James Kouratoras, Susannah Law, Susannah MacDonald, Kim Randall, Andrew Steel, Manon Van Kempens, Evan Woodruffe, Alvin Xiong, Ululau Ama and Maununu Sa'anga Ama
Preview the completed eggs on our Facebook page.
Photo: Kiwi Egg by Oliver Cain
31 Oct
Mairangi Arts Centre

4:00pm- 6:00pm