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Freeman Hau & Grace Hau

Mairangi Arts Centre is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Freeman Hau and Grace Hau.

Freeman and Grace would like gallery visitors to study their creations closely, so that they become “totally immersed in the artworks”.  They describe their creative process as “full of thoughts, emotions and waiting, waiting for the artwork to tell them what to do next”.  That is the mystery of art and creativity, it has qualities you can feel.  The artists intend their work to be interpreted as harmonious and human, rather than grandiose.  They are interested in exploring themes within the realm of natural and human activity with a variety of subject matter, both divine and earthly.

Freeman, born in 1948, creates his unique paintings using an oil dot-printing technique as seen in his works on display in this exhibition.  Since the year 2000, his work has taken a new direction.  His ideas, created on canvases, reflect a distinctive style of countless dots and a unique pigment technique inspired by surrealism, primitive art and South Pacific cultures.  This time‐consuming technique means that he is only able to create a few paintings each year. Some paintings utilise imagery and symbols from ancient mythology, infusing them with mysticism. They tell a story that speaks visually to the soul.   The theme that ‘If we give spirits a form, we become independent”, plays a key role in Freeman’s artwork.

Grace focusses on using Pixel Art to create eye-catching images, capturing natural forms and finding inspiration in the more familiar elements of nature.  She believes that there is always something new to learn, discover, develop and improve.  She describes herself as a self-taught artist.

A percentage of proceeds from art sales will be donated to the charity St John New Zealand.

Please support Mairangi Arts Centre, the artists and St John

01 May to 13 May
Mairangi Arts Centre

Opening Reception: Tuesday, 1 May, 6pm

Mon - Fri, 9:30am - 4pm
Sat & Sun, 10am - 2pm