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Free Shared Space for Activities

Could MAC function as a shared open studio, a space for exploration, relaxation, zoning-out, creative productivity, eating, binge-watching Korean soap operas, displaying art works, meditation groups, cooking lunch together... whatever! for anyone?
On July, MAC will be a warm, sheltered, and non-commerical space for you to use as you wish, any time, without having to ask for permission*
We hope this will be a space where you might bump-up against ideas, objects and 'others'.
Regulars, newcomers, and 'various' people are welcomed.
BYO tools, materials, reading materials, apparatus, equipment and/or use some of ours too.
(You are welcome to leave stuff to come back to work on the next day, or share your 'stuff' with others)
This is part of What Could an Art Centre Be? A free programme of creative activity at and around MAC during June-July 2017 provided with support of Creative Communities Scheme.
Come along and enjoy some time with people and stuff !  Contact Chris / 022-0854-866 for any questions.
* - except if you want us to stay open outside of normal hours.
01 Jul to 22 Jul
Main Gallery

Feel free to propose and add your own event to our editable "Events Planning" !