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Foraged Weed Pesto, Wild Garlic Jam and The Secrets of Sourdough

Local food creative Tracey Jane Sunderland will lead us on a delicious adventure of seed-weed pesto, wild garlic jam (both foraged from the MAC garden/park) and sourdough in this free workshop.

Tracey will share inspiration on making dips and spreads from everyday ingredients and we will make a pesto using foraged greens plus home sprouted rocket, sunflower seeds and locally made smoked salt.

We will also make onion weeds (a.k.a wild garlic) into delicious sweet but savoury jam and chat about other eating ideas with this spring delight.

Tracey will bake a loaf or two of sourdough to snack on, and you can take home the recipe and a homemade starter to start baking at home - "yeasts are free from the air around us!".

Tracey will also teach us some tricks about working with sourdough to get us started --- "it’s a slow bread".

Bring: A large jar with a lid to make the starter, any other handmade snacks you'd like to share, and something to drink.

Please join us for a fun afternoon in the MAC kitchen to share, learn and taste!

This workshop is free but limited to 10 participants. Please register by contacting Chris Berthelsen /

28 Sep
MAC Kitchen