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Delicious Landscape

The Delicious Landscape Project is a programme of free public workshops and activities at and around Mairangi Arts Centre, with a focus on the creative and community-building possibilities of food.

Activities include preserving, juicing, utensil carving, ceramics, neighbourhood feasts, educational walks, and DIY permaculture gardening projects around MAC. This project is an experimental and exploratory first step to develop awareness and "dig out" interested parties, with a view towards developing an ongoing programme around the multi-sensory medium of food. Main collaborators: Chris Berthelsen, Tracey Sunderland, Shota Matsumura, Jack Tilson, and Galaxy Crafting Workshop.

More information on the project website:

This project is supported, in part, by the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board.

01 Nov to 30 Apr
At and around Mairangi Arts Centre

Please view the ever-increasing schedule