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Artist in Residence: Brydee Rood

Mairangi Arts Centre is pleased to welcome Brydee Rood, our first artist in residence. Throughout the month, the artist occupies the gallery space, conducting research and investigations into the prevailing, prickly Gorse bush for her residency project: A Remedy for Hopelessness.

The artist is on site working with her documentation from the Gorse Collection Ritual and creating an installation with Gorse bushes, inspired by the Jiyūka Free Style Ikebana during the following times:

12pm - 4pm
Monday 15 April
Wednesday 17 April
Tuesday 23 April
Wednesday 24 April
Friday 26 April

The culmination of her research activities will be presented and celebrated on Saturday 27 April from 12pm - 2pm.

Visitors to the gallery are welcome to find out about the project through conversation with the artist during these times.

02 Apr to 28 Apr