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Advanced Painting

Please note this class has a late start, commencing Wednesday 21 October. Develop art skills at all levels. Suitable for students preparing portfolio for further studies in Art and Design. New students must have previously taken ES02, or have met with the tutor before enrolling.

***Students must be within the stated age range.***

11 -17 yrs

4:30pm - 6pm

7 weeks
21 Oct to 02 Dec
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Learn & Create

This workshop takes you through a self-exploration journey where you’ll create your very own works of art. Lucie will be there to help spark your imagination and provide all the materials you need to bring all ideas
to life. We’ll explore the inspiring women in our communities as well as those known worldwide and then you will work on a hand-embellished paper collage on canvas. This will strengthen your understanding of what  your sources of inspiration are and what attributes you are attacted to.

youth age 13+ & adults
Weekend Workshop


13 Dec
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