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The Mairangi Arts Centre is designed with accessibility in mind. The following sections cover how to increase text size for the visually impaired and the accessibility options we have available at the centre. The centre has a silver rating from Be.Accessible.

If you think there is anything extra we could be doing for accessibility, please let us know by contacting our Centre Manager.

Increasing this website's text size

Our site was designed with accessible standards in mind so that your native tools for zooming and setting a larger text size should work well with our content.

On most browsers using Windows, this means clicking Ctrl and ‘+’ (plus) to zoom in, or Ctrl and ‘-’ (minus) to zoom out.
For Macs it means clicking command and ‘+’ (plus) to zoom in, or command and ‘-’ (minus) to zoom out.

Since we’ve employed a responsive design that changes out when you are on different sized devices, such as tablets and mobiles, you’ll also see an alternate design when you zoom in on a page. The main difference between the desktop and mobile designs is that the main navigation is hidden behind a menu button that looks like this:

We have avoided low contrast colours for buttons and typography in our design so there should not be any requirement for an additional high contrast layer. If this hasn’t been the case for you, please let us know by emailing our Centre Manager.

If you require additional information on how to make your whole browser experience more accessible, the BBC have put together a comprehensive guide for visual accessibility that covers all browsers.

Marketing Material

The Mairangi Arts Centre offers brochures that comes every school term and contains information on classes, workshops and exhibitions taking place at the Centre. The font is a good size with great colour contrast making the text easier to read. 

You can choose to have a physical copy sent to you or receive a digital copy via email.

Arriving & Getting In


The bus stop is 300 metres from the Mairangi Arts Centre and is located at 370 Beach Road. Bus stop number is 3158 and covers routes from Browns Bay and Long Bay.

To get to the Arts Centre from the bus stop, head north on Beach Road and after about 30 metres turn left onto Hastings Road. The entrance of the Arts centre is on the left at number 20 Hastings Road.

The bus stop offers shelter and seating.


There is no drop off/pickup zone however there is one accessible car park which is located at the front of the building (within 200 metres of the main accessible entrance/exit) to the far right hand side. Those using the accessible car park will need to pass behind parked cars to get to the entrance.


The most accessible route is a concrete pathway sloping up to the entrance of the building from the car park. The width of this pathway is less than 1200mm and it does not have tactile indicators installed.

The main centre entrance has a wide concrete sloped pathway up to the door. The entrance doors are automated double glass doors, which activate from a shallow approach. These stay open longer than 5 seconds. The doors have bright yellow framing with a yellow panel that runs through the middle of the door and acts as a clear visible marking.

All support animals are welcome on premises (e.g. guide, hearing or mobility dogs, etc.).

Getting Around Within The Site


Our staff are friendly and are happy to assist with access to the centre. The reception counter is located round the corner to the right after entering the building.

Mairangi Arts Centre have a large range of accessibility customers that attend workshops and exhibitions and you're sure to feel at home. Guided tours can be booked if required.


All support animals are welcome on premises (e.g. guide, hearing or mobility dogs, etc.).The Mairangi Arts Centre consists of a large exhibition gallery, a smaller gallery and three workshop studios. The galleries are very spacious and do not have any foreseeable hazards.

The studios spaces are a great place for accessibility customers to fully participate in workshops and classes. All contain movable furniture and the workable height for each table is 755mm.

There is a kitchen within the main gallery with a large communal table & chairs where breaks are taken during workshops. The kitchen is spacious and wide, however not all facilities are within the reachable range of 900 - 1200 mm.

There is direct access to an accessible toilet.